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Scumbug 2-Pack Pool Spa TB2-24 Floating Scum Protector

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The Scumbug is an automatic hot tub and pool scum line remover and cleaner.

This is a 2 pack TB2-24 of floating scum protectors.

This sponge that can absorb up to 40 times its weight, floats around in the spa or pool and helps to eliminate the formation of a scum line.

Scumbug even absorbs body oils and suntan lotions and will not get caught in water lines!

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For use in hot tubs and pools to help eliminate the formation of a scum line around the water's edge. 

This pool and spa cleaning sponge attacks over 300% more surface area than the typical cleaning ball and also does not get stuck in the water lines.  Just place inside any pool skimmer or let it float around in the hot tub. Once it is dirty, just squeeze it out, clean it and reuse it.

Use Both Sides: when one side is full, just flip it over.  This product is easy to use and is popular around the world. 

When the Scumbug is completely saturated, then simply squeeze it out, clean and reuse.

The Scumbug also helps improve filtration. Under normal conditions, a Scumbug can last a whole season.

Great way to reduce body oils and lotions in the water.  Every spa owner should have one, or two!

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