Universal 4.5kW Heater B24045T5T 230V 15x2 Inch

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Universal 4.5kW Heater B24045T5T 230V 15x2 Inch without tailpieces.

This is a universal 4 1/2 kw 230 volt heater with 15 inch manifold length.

Housing Configuration Straight
Heater Length 15"
Lead End Terminal Location 4-3/8"
Threaded Tap Orientation 12 O`Clock, 3 O`Clock, 9 O`Clock
Threaded Tap Location 12-3/4" From Leading End, 13" From Leading End, 3" From Leading End, 8-1/4" From Leading End
Kilowatts 1.1kW, 4.5kW
Voltage 115v, 230v
Sensor Stud Orientation Adjustable
Mounting Stud Type Adjustable
Heater Size 2"
Heater Application



  • Adjustable grounding and mounting studs
  • Adjustable thermowell cover
  • Multiple pressure switch ports
  • Stainless steel pressure switch plugs
  • 2”s heater split nuts

Optional pressure switch see 3029.

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