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leaky used hot tub jetWhat in tarnation is this used parts business on the internet.  Let me see here, how about 4 foot of some used hose, lightly soiled - and how about 2 of 'dem crusty old jets.  Yep, yessir these here crusty jets still have some life left in them.  Oh, the tabs may be broken, but nothin' a little superglue can't fix.

And what about that used air blower with a crack in the fanblade - duct tape, the used spa parts buyers go-to item to fix almost anything, temporarily.

Alright, now turning serious for this paragraph only,  - what in blazes could be serviceable from a used hot tub.  None of the plumbing, not the filter (yuck) - alright, that wasn't serious - stay on message now -   mmmm , oh, I got it-

How about a used control panel or circuit board. 
Well, it depends on how much it will cost - as many times the control panel will look nice, and there is no real way to test it unless it is plugged into a working system.  

Same with circuit board.  There is a reason why nobody in the spa business wants to take a return on a circuit board, and that is because it is quickly devalued and can no longer be sold as new.  You wouldn't want to buy a new circuit board from some outfit online, just to receive Aunt Mabel's slightly used,but supposedly still functioning circuit board now would you? New is new!

used circuit boards hot tub

Alright, for the circuit board issue, it may be an option to purchase a "rebuilt circuit board". At least a tech has gone through the board and is offering it as a "pre-owned luxury circuit board".  Better than just a used one whose life expectancy cannot be determined.  If you need a pre-owned circuit board, contact us and we will see if there is one available for your for your particular spa pack.

Now back to exploring other serviceable items from a used hot tub.  Well there is that ozonator, but if it's over 3 years old, chances are it's already shot.  Most people don't know that is about the life expectancy of a typical chip-style corona discharge type ozone generator.  A great replacement ozonator if needed is an APG type ozonator. Del ozonators are good too, if not a little pricier.   So ix-nay on the used ozonatoray.

How about a used heater? 
Not really - because the flow through heaters rely on the integrity of that heater element in the center of the heater manifold along with a good epoxy seal to stop a short from occurring.  If Uncle Wilbur did not watch his water chemistry and let the pH level roam high (ie outside the recommended 7.2-7.6 pH range), then chances are there may be some buildup on the heater element causing it to have to work harder to heat the water and costing you more in electricity.

If you must buy a used hot tub in it's entirety, then at least get a really good deal on it and flush it out with Ahh-Some bio-film cleaner to get rid of the accumulated gunk in the plumbing lines. (Yes we offer Ahh-Some right here at Hot Tub Outpost.).

Now while buying a whole used hot tub may save you some dough, buying a used part is probably more risky and troublesome that it is worth - especially considering your valuable time and limited frustration level once the used part is not performing as a new part. Why, you can simply take advantage of the great prices right here at Hot Tub Outpost on brand new, factory original spa parts and sleep like a baby after enjoying a nice evening in the hot tub with your brand new parts on duty for you.

Now get Sadie the spider off of my slightly used spa pump!

Used pump anyone?

Well, it may work - how many miles does it have on it?  No odometer eh? Has it ever run dry (ie without water in it)? Bearings ok - sure pumps can be rebuilt - but we have a great new line of brand new spa pumps with prices that will knock you out of your saddle.  See the new Outpost Pump line or ask us about an alternative pump to your pricey brand name pump.  Oh, these are also brand name components assembled into a brand new pump, but without the designer label saving you lots of m-o-n-e-y.

Now to wrap up this lovely dissertation on used hot tub parts, there is probably one good reason to buy a used hot tub part - and that is if the new one has been discontinued by the manufacturer.  In that case my friends, head on over to Ebay using this link and sift through the used hot tub parts on Ebay.

Good luck finding that discontinued control panel or jet insert - at least that would get old Bessy running again for awhile. Otherwise you may need to change out an entire jet front and back, or even an entire spa control system with a new one.

In that case, we have got you covered with a huge assortment of hot tub parts for almost any make and model.

Thanks for not taking the above too seriously and hope there were a few pointers in there to take note of before embarking on a journey to hunt down used hot tub parts.  Why buy used, when the new ones are on sale right here!


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3rd Mar 2017 Hot Tub Outpost

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