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Chlorshield Chlorine Stabilizer 2 lb

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  • Swimeeze ChlorShield Stabilizer for pools
  • Chlor Shield Swimeeze Stabilizer for pools


Chlorshield Chlorine Stabilizer in a 2 pound container.  Swimeze is now SwimNSpa brand.,

Chlor Shield stabilizer Swimming PoolChlorshield Stabilizer s an effective water treatment that reduces the amount of chlorine that is lost or burns off because of the sun.  Use this pool product if chlorine levels fluctuate.

This product provides protection from sun burnoff of your chlorine and stabilizes chlorine levels.

Pool Water Troubleshooting Tip:
Problem: Difficulty in maintaining 1.0 to 3.0 ppm free SwimEeze chlorine sanitizer residual.
Solution: Increase amount of SwimEeze chlorine sanitizer Concentrate, Tablets, or Super Sticks.

A stabilizer is needed in the water so that the sanitizer, in this case chlorine, can do its job of killing bacteria and sanitizing the water better.

Maintain a level of ChlorShield at 40 ppm.

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Actual weight 1.75lbs of chlorine stabilizer.

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