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Undermount Hot Tub Cover Lifter Cover Captain Hydraulic

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DISCONTINUED - see Cover RX or bottom mount Cover Valet II


Premium hydraulic cover lifter for hot tubs that fits spa heights from 26" to 39". 

No need to drill holes in the spa cabinet, this sturdy cover lift has an undermount plate that fits underneath the spa.

FREE SHIPPING! (in the continental U.S.A.)

The heavy duty Cover Captain made from steel accepts the folded spa cover and gently lowers it with hydraulic assistance,l to the back of the spa for safe, easy storage while using the spa.

Cover Lift Captain hot tub coverSimple, one-person operation:  fold the cover over once and into the waiting arms of the Cover Captain.

Comes pre-assembled for easy installation.  This is the strongest cover lifter in the industry and is compatible with almost all hot tub covers - up to 118" wide. 

UPDATE SEPT 2016: Got a thicker cover, request extenders with your shipment to fit covers up to 6"-5" taper, so that when the cover is folded over, they will fit!  If your cover fits without the extenders, you can disregard them.

  • Max. Folded over cover thickness at the smaller/tapered end (without extender): 8 1/4"
  • Max. Folded over cover thickness at the smaller/tapered end with extension: 10 1/4"

Spa covers are usually tapered, so the end closest to the lifter is less thick than the center of the cover. 
Example: The doubled over (folded) cover entering the Cover Captain of a 4-3" spa cover will be 6" thick at the edge (easily fitting into the 8 1/4" opening).
Example 2: The doubled over (folded) cover entering the Cover Captain of a 6"-5" cover will be 10" thick at the edge. This is usually the thickest cover found on the market and this puppy will need the extenders included with every shipment.   (most covers are either 3-2, 4-2, 4-3, 5-3, 5-4").

This is an undermount cover lifter, so it has a bottom plate that slides right under the spa - no cabinet screws or damage to the spa cabinet needed as this unit does not require a cabinet mount.

Can be unbolted an moved to the side while leaving the cover plate under the filled spa in the case access to that side of the spa cabinet is needed.  Not cumbersome as in the case of a cabinet mount.

The extended plate fits further under the spa compared to cheap immitations, giving it more sturdiness and stability. Will not stress the center hinge of the spa cover as in the center bar type lifter.

The hydraulic piston makes replacing and removing the cover a breeze. 

This cover lifter is also designed to work with swim spa covers (purchase the Swim Spa Kit which extends the Cover Captain height to the 52" - 60" swim spa height range).

ITEM UNAVAILABLE  -  see/compare with the new great quality/value Undermount Cover Lifter here: New Cover RX


Since this durable, solid cover lifter uses a bottom plate that slides under the spa and is held in place by the weight of the filled spa (it's not going anywhere!), it cannot be used in a sunken or in-deck spa.

This lifter requires about 20-21" of clearance to the side of the spa it is placed on, but does not require side clearance as is the case with some of the cover lifters that use crossbars.

Perfect, versatile cover lifter solution for most free-standing spas that have at least 21" of clearance on the side the cover is to be lowered and stored at.  This is because it holds the folded over cover and keeps it tucked away and lowered at the side of the spa.

hot tub cover lifter armsOne person can operate this deluxe cover lifter while using almost any spa cover (up to 118" wide).

Enjoy the easy of cover removal and replacement with the versatile Cover Captain hot tub cover lifter.  Similar style to the Cover Caddy but guaranteed to be solid and sturdy.

Installation following the included instructions of this pre-assembled lift is easy during your next water change while the spa is empty.

Adjustable cover thickness lifter

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