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Leisure Time Spa Up pH Increaser 2 LB Container Granules 3270

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ph increaser leisure timeLeisure Time Spa Up is a pH increaser that comes in this 2 lb. dry container.  Increase spa water pH to maintain the acceptable range of 7.2-7.6 with one handy formulation.

Or see pH up 47235041

The pH Balance is another product offered by Leisure Time that will stabilize the spa water pH so you don't need to use pH increaser and decreaser as often. The pH Balance granular formulation stops pH from moving around. 

Measure pH with a test kit or test strips and adjust.  This is a granular formulation used in hot tubs to increase pH.  Note this is not the stabilizer but the pH increaser. We also offer the stabilizer and pH decreaser as well as test strips and other Leisure Time chemicals.

On a new filled spa that has extremely out of pH water, such as under 7 or over 8, then you will also need spa up or down to get it within the range before using a stabilizer. For most applications, if the pH of the water is acceptable on refilling the spa, then this stabilizer is all you need to keep it within the acceptable range of 7.2-7.6.

Note this item can only be shipped within the continental U.S.A.

Tips from the manufacturer when using pH Up:

  • A low pH reading (below 7.2) can cause equipment corrosion or scale formation.
  • Compatible with all sanitizers including bromine, chlorine and biguanide
  • Raises pH and Total Alkalinity levels in hot water
  • Increases effectiveness of the sanitizer when pH levels are in the proper range of 7.2-7.6 and even up to 7.8 is ok according to Leisure Time

This product raises pH and total alkalinity levels in hot water and increases the effectiveness of the sanitizer when levels are in range.



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