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Refresh SwimNSpa 2lb Shock Treatment 47240130

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Swim N Spa Refresh is a non-chlorine shock treatment for hot tub and swimming pool water.

SwimNSpa Refresh cannot ship to California - use ReEnergize (link below) - otherwise you will receive a 2lb equivalent shock that can be shipped to California.

This non-chlorine shock treatment eliminates odors and reduces irritating contaminants to provide fresh, clean and clear water.

Shocking spa water with Refresh will oxidize the materials that may cause foul odors, eye or skin irritation or dull, cloudy water.

Use weekly to increase the sanitizer's effectiveness.


For California or the alternate brand, see  ReEnergize here.  Shock treatment for your spa that works just as good at a lower price!


This oxidizer and shock treatment for hot tubs is shipped in this 2 lb. size.  It is best to shock your hot tub water weekly.

Potassium Monopersulfate Compound...100%
Active Oxygen..........................................4.7%

For best results, use 2 oz. once a week. Simply add 2 oz. to the spa while the filter equipment
is on. Run system for one hour. Should also be used when spa is freshly filled and after each
use. This product will effectively reduce odor-causing ammonia and chloramines.


Use this product whenever pool water appears excessively cloudy, has an unpleasant
chlorine odor or causes eye or skin irritation. This product will destroy the contaminants and
chloramines that cause these unpleasant water conditions. Also, apply after heavy rain
storms to destroy “combined chlorine” formed by the nitrogen in rainfall. Apply 1 lb. of this
product per 10,000 gallons of pool water every two weeks for pools with light swimming
usage. For pools with heavy swimming usage, apply 1 lb. of this product per 10,000 gallons
of pool water every week. Since this product contains no chlorine, there is no excessive
waiting period before swimming may be resumed.


APPLICATION: Maintaining continuous pool circulation, distribute required amount of this
product in the deep end of the pool.


About Oxidizer Shock Treatment

The active ingredient in non-chlorine shock treatments is potassium monopersulfate (MPS) and this breaks down organic matter and contaminants to leave your spa water clear.

When using chlorine in your spa, after awhile the smell of the water may be chloramines which can irritate skin as well.  The shock treatment will reactivate the chlorine.

When using bromine to sanitize your spa, a similar reactivation of the sanitizer takes place and your bromine will once again be fighting bacteria. 

So often times, it is not only important to have enough sanitizer in the water, but also be sure it is activated and doing its job rather than just adding more and more sanitizer alone.

Have clear, sparkling water and eliminate bather waste with Refresh, a regular non-chlorine shock treatment.


Note the discontinued Spa Breeze brand is replaced by the SwimNSpa brand. 


Chemicals only ship within the continental USA.

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