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Spa Makeover Cleaning Kit Mitts and Biofilm Purge

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  • Hot Tub Spa Cleaning Kit with mitts and pipe purge
  • AquaCare Cleaning Mitts
  • 4 cleaning mitts
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Spa Makeover Cleaning Kit Mitts and Biofilm Purge includes The AquaCare Cleaning Mitts 4-Pack and a container of Biofilm fighter and Pipe Cleaner Ahh-Some.

Now Your Spa Can Look Pretty both Inside and Out.  This is like a Spa Treatment for the Spa - leaving it nice and clean for you and your guests to enjoy.

The AquaCare Cleaning Mitts provide an easy to use and wearable hot tub surface cleaning solution.

The Ahh-Some is a biofilm remover and hot tub plumbing purge to clean out those pipes and hoses easily.  Gets rid of unseen/lurking slime and gunk in the plumbing.

includes ahhsome
2 oz Hot Tub/Jetted Tub Plumbing and Jet Cleaner included in this bundle.

The Best Purge you (and your spa's plumbing) has ever seen!

Now get both Awesome products in this Spa Makeover Cleaning Bundle/Kit for a clean hot tub both in and out.

Save money with this Spa Cleaning Duo.  Ahh-Some + AquaCare Cleaning Mitts

Cleaning Mitts get ride of slime and grime on the spa shell and work on fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl and even tile.

Included in this bundle is a 4-pack of Pool and Spa surface cleaning mitts that removes scum lines, stains, and tough scale that appears at the waterline of your pool, spa, or hot tub.

Get the job done with a cleaning mitt - no additional cleaning chemicals needed. You can get back in the water and enjoy your spa or pool right after using the cleaning mitt.

AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts may be used to clean the entire spa surface when unit is drained in addition to when your spa is filled.  They can be used on their own whenever a surface wipe-down is needed, or in combination with Ahh Some for cleaning of plumbing during a refill.

This kit is an absolute must when reactivating a spa that has been standing dry or not used in awhile and also when setting up a used spa or moving into a home where a spa is already installed but its history (and the history of what is inside the plumbing pipes - yuck - is unknown).

Unique formulation is efficient in removing built up scum, stain and scale from pool and spa surfaces. Pre-treated cleaning mitts with a biodegradable chemical are lined with a protective barrier.

Does not affect water pH levels and will not be impacted in a traditional or saltwater system.  Does not create foaming in hot tubs.

Ahh Some Bio Cleaner:

  • Environmentally-Friendly Formula
  • Gently Scrubs Inside Your Plumbing & Jets
  • Up to 16 Cleanings per 2oz Jar*
  • Reduces Shelf Space
  • Non Hazmat
  • Safe for ALL Plumbing & Shell Surfaces
  • Non-Corrosive & Non-Acidic
  • Septic Safe, Green Bio Cleaner
  • Won’t Etch or Disintegrate Components

This kit includes both the 4-pack of cleaning mitts and the 2oz. Biofilm/Plumbing Purge for a Beautiful and Clean Hot Tub - inside and out.

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