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AquaCare Cleaning Mitts 4-Pack Scum Stain Scale Removal

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The AquaCare Cleaning Mitt provides an easy to use and wearable hot tub surface cleaning solution.

Gets ride of slime and grime on the spa shell.  Cleaning Mitts works on fiberglass, acrylic, vinyl and even tile.

This a 4-pack of Pool and Spa surface cleaning mitts.

Removes scum lines, stains, and tough scale that appears at the waterline of your pool, spa, or hot tub.

Get the job done with a cleaning mitt - no additional cleaning chemicals needed. You can get back in the water and enjoy your spa or pool right after using the cleaning mitt.

Need the whole Cleaning and Purge Kit?  Save and See the Spa Makeover Kit that includes these AquaCare Cleaning Mitts plus Ahh-Some Plumbing Purge and Biofilm Cleaner.

Unlike similar products on the market, these Aquacare disposable mitts are lined with a protective barrier so you aren’t exposed to what you’re cleaning with and picking up. Compared to many household products, AquaCare® Cleaning Mitts will not affect pool and spa water chemistry and can be used on plastic vinyl, fiberglass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, painted surfaces, and more.

AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts may be used to clean the entire spa surface when unit is drained in addition to when your spa is filled.

Unique formulation is efficient in removing built up scum, stain and scale from pool and spa surfaces. Pre-treated cleaning mitts with a biodegradable chemical are lined with a protective barrier.

Does not affect water pH levels and will not be impacted in a traditional or saltwater system.  Does not create foaming in hot tubs.

Directions for Use:

  1. Remove mitt from package. Reseal zipper to preserve extra mitts.
  2. Scrub scum, stain and scale at water level.
  3. Dispose mitt in trash.
  4. Wash hand after handling.

 Do not use on natural stone (marble, granite, etc.) or galvanized surfaces. Do not allow mitts to remain on porous surfaces such as masonry bricks for extended periods of time (30-60 minutes).

Spa Mitt FAQ

Q: How many mitts are in this multi-pack of AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts?

A: Four AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts come chemically pre-treated in this package of AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts.

Q: How frequently should I use AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts for my pool/spa? Can I reuse them?

A: Regular cleaning once or twice a month will help reduce the chance of a scum line appearing. Each AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitt is good for one use - they are recommended to be used only once and disposed of afterwards.

Q: Will the chemical used on AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts affect the pH of my pool or spa?

A: Hot tub/spa, Jacuzzi, and pool water chemistry is already designed to resist drastic changes in pH. AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts will not affect the balanced water chemistry of your pool or spa.

Q: Can I use AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts with salt water systems?

A: Absolutely. The chemical cleaning agent used in AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts is compatible with salt water systems, hybrid chlorine systems (Soft swim, Silk Balance, etc.), bromine systems and traditional chlorine systems.

Q: Is it okay to use my AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitt on my hot tub or spa cover where scum appears?

A: Yes, AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts can be used on surfaces that contain scum, stain and scale.

Surfaces to avoid contact with AquaCare™ Cleaning Mitts include natural stones, copper brass, and galvanized surfaces.

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