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Emerald Spa Parts


Browse our collection of Emerald Spa parts or contact us for assistance - we offer all original Emerald Spa parts.

Get original brand replacement spa parts for Emerald Spas including jets, heaters, filters, Cygnus parts,topside controls, headrests and more right here at Hot Tub Outpost, your factory authorized parts distributor.  Enjoy full warranty on all the original spare parts and accessories by buying from a reputable source - like Hot Tub Outpost!

Emerald Spas are fine quality hot tubs exported all around the world.  Need a whole new Emerald Spa? We got those too! Get your factory original replacement parts or contact us at with details about the Emerald spa part you are looking for and we will get back to you asap with a link to order the part you need.

emerald spas hot tubs onlineEmerald Spa Corporation
Four series of spas are manufactured by the Emerald Spa Corporation: Emerald Spas, Great Lakes Spas, Polynesian Spas and the Persona Series. Emerald Spa Corporation has been manufacturing spas for over 30 years from their headquarter in Kentwood, Michigan. They started with Polynesian Spa brand and later acquired the Great Lakes Spa brand in 2007. This company manufactures hot tubs with ergonomic seating, innovative design and American craftsmanship.

M970 Series hot tub Emerald SpasHelp Finding Parts
Unsure if a particular control panel, circuit board or spa pack will fit your spa?

Just send us a quick email at and our parts match tech will be sure to send you back a link to the correct part, asap. (As we offer all Emerald spa parts, even those not listed here, we will be sure to dig up the right part for you without you needing to sift around on a bunch of websites including this one - just send us a quick email to our support desk - we will respond the same business day - many times in minutes - and on weekends too!). 

Include your 8-digit spa serial number if you need help sourcing a particular component such as a control panel or circuit board. Include the part model number or a picture of what you need so we get you fast and accurate information. 

Send part inquiries to:

Emerald Spa Parts

Emerald Spa Controls, Circuit Boards and Spa Packs

Pump buttons on Emerald Spa Gecko control panelview emerald spa controlsWe offer Gecko replacement parts including controls for MC2, MC4 and MC6 systems. Emerald Spa control panels are offered with or without the overlay and plug into the Gecko circuit board or Balboa circuit board with correct plug. We also offer SC-1, SC-2 and SC-3 replacement parts.

We offer topside control panels by Gecko, Balboa and other models for most Emerald Spas including the factory original overlay graphics. 

inxe spa pack emerald spasEmerald Spa Packs, Controllers and Circuit Boards

See our selection of factory original replacement Emerald spa packs and controls along with replacement circuit boards or contact us with questions.

If you need just the circuit board, send us either a picture of your board or the circuit board model from the white sticker on the board and the number on the EPROM chip as well.

EPROM chip numbers for Emerald spa circuit boards in Balboa control systems may include these revisions:
DS34R1(x), DS34R2(x), ES71,ES72R1(x), EZ2R(x), EZ1R(x), SS0D(x), SSR1A, SS23D / SS33D, SS1D, DS4R3(x), DS2.

For Gecko systems we will need both the info from the circuit board and also on the side of the spa pack as well. (See below for tips on getting all the data from your Gecko spa pack in order to order a new circuit board.)

Get entire replacement spa packs for Gecko S-Class Emerald Spa systems.

Emerald Spa Filters and Filter Housings

A popular set of Emerald and Great Lakes spa filters are replaced by these 2 filters:

set-of-filters for emerald spas
H20151 and H20191

Hot Tub Outpost offers replacement filters for all Emerald Spa models. Popular replacement cartridges found in Emerald Spas include PRB8.5. Other popular Emerald Spa cartridge filters include the 25 sq.ft. PA225 filter at 7" wide and PJ25-IN filter at 5" wide.

A very popular 13 1/4 inch long filter with center hole is H40506.

Or see Pleatco PJ25IN

See the current collection of Emerald Spa Filters.

We also can ship you filter niche parts or replacement filter lids if needed.  The filter housing used in many Emerald Spas is the weir skimmer type or floating weir.  Keep the water level at least 2 inches above the top/opening of this skimmer to avoid system damage.

Turn of power to the spa before replacing filters. Begin by removing the weir and attached basket by rotating counterclockwise and lifting out the filter assembly.  The cartridge can then be accessed and replaced.

Emerald Spa Covers

See our current selection of in-stock original Emerald Spa covers - just like the one you got with your new Emerald Spa. 
No measuring needed if you know your model - or check measurements to be sure.


Send us an email with your color preference and we will send you back the right link to order this 4-2 cover.  Need the thicker 5-3" cover? Just mention it in your email to and we'll get right back to you - or you can enter your information on our cover order page.

Emerald Spa Pillows

Well, many Emerald spas have "acrylic pillows".  But there is 53002800 black pillow also used in Great Lakes Spas.  If you want to put a cushion where there is none, try a weighted spa pillow for almost any seat.

Some other Emerald/Great Lakes spas did have pillows, so we've got the most popular spa pillow replacements.  Get the one you need here or email us a picture with dimensions and we will send you back a link to order.

Emerald Spa Jets and Plumbing

emerald spa jets stylesSee our collection of Emerald Spa jets.

Get replacement jet inserts, manifolds, unions and other plumbing parts for your Emerald Spa. 

We offer everything you need to fix plumbing in your hot tub from flex hose, PVC pipe and manifolds to jet backs, jet inserts and even silicone and glue.

hto pump emerald spaEmerald Spa Replacement Pumps and Blowers

Hot Tub Outpost offers the best prices on original Emerald spa replacement pumps from 1.5HP to 5.5HP and compatible pumps. We also offer pumps for Polynesian and Persona spas including the 1 1/2HP 2 speed, 115v pumps.

See the Emerald Spa pump section.

Emerald Spa Air Blowers

Hot Tub Outpost carries factory original spa blowers used in Emerald Spas and Great Lakes hot tubs.

blower spa emerald hottubThe Emerald Classic, Emerald Elite, Special Edition and Cygnus spas include a blower that provides that champagne-like effect as bubbles erupt from the dedicated air injectors. The Emerald terminology for this is: High Performance-Jet Select.

120 volt or 240 volts? Check your blower voltage

We offer 120v blower with AMP cord (4 pins).
We also offer the Emerald Spas 240 volt blower with either AMP cord or In.Link cord and plug (as pictured on the right).

From Europe? We also offer 50hz blowers with either AMP plugs or the J&J style plugs as were used in many European spa packs that use the 50hz. version of this spa blower.

4kw gecko heaterEmerald Spa Heaters and Pressure Switch

Let us know what heater you need for your Emerald Spa. We carry both Gecko and Balboa brands. View this 4kw Gecko heater or the IN.XE Gecko 4kw heater.

Need the In.Therm Gecko heaters? We offer those in 4kw heaters and also the bigger 5.5kW heaters.

inxe heatersSome of the Emerald Spa Gecko heaters use the 2PSI pressure switch.   Balboa systems use the M7 heating system where the 2 sensors are integrated into the heater manifold.  See all of our Tecmark pressure switches here including models 3029,3029P,3925 and 4010P.

If you need the older style heater with pressure switch, we also offer a 5.5kw Emerald Spa Balboa 15 inch 240 volt heater that comes with a pressure switch.  We also offer the 5.5kw heater for V&LE systems. Contact us if you need help finding the right heater for your Emerald Spa.

Get your Emerald spa parts on our site or contact us for assistance.
Hot Tub Outpost carries replacement spa parts and accessories for all models in the Emerald Spas, Great Lake Spas, Persona Spas and Polynesian Spa series. We also have accessories including Emerald spa cover lifters, stairs, rails, drink trays, ozonators, chemicals and spa fragrances. Most parts ship within 1 business day - right to your home address. What could be easier that 24/7 - secure online shopping with the friendly folks at Hot Tub Outpost to answer any questions.

Chemicals for Emerald Spas

disinfectant dialchemcal dispenser Emerald SpaHot tub chemicals used in Emerald Spas are basically the same chemicals that are used by many other spa brands.  It is important to have a sanitizer (bromine or chlorine) and monitor the pH.  Many Emerald Spas are outfitted with a disinfectant dispenser that uses bromine or trichloro-s-triazinetrione tablets (1 inch diameter).

Need a replacement chemical dispenser?  We offer these integrated tablet chemical dispensers used in Emerald Spas.

FROG Bromine and Mineral Cartridge System

Some Emerald Spas come standard with the Spa Frog In-Line system, so you just need to replace the bromine cartridge and mineral cartridge regularly and monitor the water chemistry with test strips. There is a dial on the top that adjusts the sanitizerlevel for both dual and single filter systems.

6pack bromine cartridges frog Emerald SpaWe offer the replacement mineral and bromine cartridges. Get the best deal on a multi-pack of the larger 200 gram bromine cartridges

We also offer Floating Frog for those that don't have the housing.  

200 Series spas may have a floating Frog rather than the in-line Frog mineral system.

The Spa Frog In-Line system consists of a removable Frog cap, a Cartridge holder, the Mineral Cartridge and the Bromine Cartridge. Need a replacement housing for the Frog Inline system? We offer those too.

Never open the Frog cap when the jets are running.  To open, remove the holder by pushing down and turning clockwise then pull out to access the holder. Remove and replace the mineral cartridge (top part) and the bromine cartridge (bottom part).  The mineral cartridge can be adjusted and should be replaced every 3-4 months or so depending on spa use. 

apg ozonator leads amp generator

Emerald Spa Ozonators

Some Emerald Spas may be outfitted with an ozonator. We offer the APG replacement ozonator with either: DEL APG Ozonator with In.Link cord or DEL APG Ozonator with AMP cord.
Ozone generators come with the parts bag needed to install the ozone generator (including check valve, tubing and instructions).

We also offer just the replacement chip for Corona Discharge type ozonator used in Emerald Spas.

Just need the 1/4" to 3/8" ozone check valve? We have those too.

Don't know if your ozonator is working?  Get an ozone test kit and be sure. They usually need replacement every few years.

Emerald and Great Lakes Spa Accessories
Get your spa steps, cover lifters and even the 12 LED underwater Soft Glo package light right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

Aromatherapy option may be installed in certain models that features a cap to unscrew to add dry aromatherapy fragrance pouches available right here at Hot Tub Outpost.  See our spa fragrances for both dry beads that fit these canisters and crystal fragrance too.

Lighting Parts
We offer lighting replacement parts for fiber optic systems as well as main spa lights.  Fiber optic lights may be found in Emerald Classic, Elite, Cygnus and Special Edition DLX spa models featuring 8-color light selection with light nodes around perimeter of the spa as well as Emerald logo attached to one side of the spa cabinet.

In.Stream Gecko Audio Music System - Emerald Spa

gecko music system onlineSome Emerald Spas are equipped with the In.Stream music system by Gecko.

aquatic av lockerWe carry all of the audio components in case you need the audio keypad or the whole In.Stream music system.

Need the Aquatic AV Media Locker system that connects your USB device or iPhone? We offer the complete line of Aquatic AV accessories for your Great Lakes and Emerald spa.  We also offer Hydro Vibe stereo system parts such as the pop-up speakers. Get free shipping on all Emerald spa parts for orders over $95.

Accessories for Emerald Spas

Popular accessories include portable hot tub steps in a choice of redwood (model 19002430-HS2), espresso or charcoal gray color. These plastic sturdy steps are ideal for safely getting into and out of your Emerald Spa.

Towel Warmer cabinet storage niche (Cygnus spa option) tip: This is for storing towels and not chemicals. This compartment uses the vented heat from the interior of the spa to keep the towels warm, but is a dangerous place for storing spa chemicals.

Contact us at for a fast response to any Emerald Spa part you need. Send a picture if you like.

Emerald Spa Manuals

Need a particular manual? Contact us as we have a wide variety of links to Emerald Spa manuals depending on the year of your spa.

Emerald Spas Great Lakes and Persona

Emerald Spas are delivered in a variety of Series including:

  • Manor Luxury Series (best)
  • Estate Deluxe Series (better)
  • Chateau Classic Series (good)

These represent the good-better-best of the same model type with the "best" Manor Series hot tubs having the most jets.

Models include the following:

  • Model 200 measures 83″ x 71″ x 32″ and features a Single Reversible Lounger - C230 spa
  • Model 300 measures 88″ x 75″ x 32″ and feature a Single Lounger - E 340 and C335 spas
  • Model 400 measures 88″ x 88″ and a Cut-Corner 38″H with Single Reversible Lounger - M470 and E450 spas
  • Model 500 measures 85″ x 85″ x 38″ high and has a Single Reversible Lounger - M570, E550 and C540 spas
  • Model 600 measures 85″ x 85″ x 38″ high and is a Non-Lounger Spa - M670, M650 and C640 spas
  • Model 700 measures 92″ x 92″ x 40″ high and is a Single Reversible Lounger - M770 and E750 spas
  • Model 800 measures 92″ x 92″ x 40″ high and is the Non-Lounger Spa - M870 and E850 spas
  • Model 900 measures 92″ x 92″ x 40″ high and features a Double Lounger - M970 and E950 spas

These spas could be outfitted with optional Audio System, stainless steel jets and LED lighting.  Need replacement parts for your Aquasound Audio stereo system? Contact us.

Most spas use the 75 sq. ft. filter type of replacement filter - we've got 'em all.  Need a specialty part? Contact us.

Emerald Spa controls Gecko topside control

 Can't find the Emerald Spas part you need on our site? Describe what you need in an email to and get a lightning fast response. We'll help you make sure you get the right replacement part or accessory. Send us a picture if it will help.

Emerald Spa by Model

m970 emeraldspaEmerald Spas offers 8 models of spas in up to 3 configurations and they are made from LUCITE XL 1000 continuous-cast cross-linked acrylic sheets.

The C230 Model is only available in the Chateau Classic Series version, with 30 massage jets, 1 pump and a single reversible lounger in an 83" x 71" x 32" spa shell.

The C335 is a 4-5 person Chateau Series spa with 35 spa jets, 1 pump, a single lounger and captain's chair in a rectangular 88" x 75" spa. The same hot tub is available as an Estate Deluxe series E340 spa with 2 pumps and 40 jets.

The 5-6 person Estate Deluxe Series model E450 is 88" square with a reversible lounger and a captain's chair. It has 2 pumps and 50 jets.  The same spa is available in the M470 Manor Luxury series, with more options including neck therapy; 3 pumps, 70 jets, and liquid aromatherapy.

The popular 6 person, 85" square hot tub, which has a captain's chair and reversible lounger, comes in 3 configurations: The C540 Chateau classic series spa version features 1 pump, 40 jets and a multi color Prism bulb. The Estate Deluxe version E550 spa has 2 pumps and 50 jets, while the M570 Manor Luxury version has 2 pumps plus an Airbooster pump, 70 jets, liquid aromatherapy and neck therapy jets.

 Emerald Spas' 85" square, non-lounger 6 person hot tub also comes in 3 configurations: the C640 Chateau Classic spa has 1 pump, 3 Captain's chairs and 40 jets. The Estate Deluxe E650 version has 2 pumps and 50 massage jets while the Manor Luxury version M670 spa has 2 pumps plus an air booster pump; neck therapy jets; whirlpool jets and liquid aromatherapy.  

Emerald's large, 92" square, 6 person spa comes in 2 versions: the E760 Estate Deluxe Series hot tub features a reversible lounger, Captain's chair, 2 pumps and 50 jets. The Manor Luxury M770 model has 2 pumps plus an air booster pump; neck therapy and whirlpool jets, plus liquid aromatherapy.

The Emerald 8 person, 92" square non-lounger spa comes in 2 configurations: the E850 estate series version has 50 spa jets and 2 pumps. The M870 Luxury Manor version has 70 jets including a whirlpool jet and 2 neck therapy jets, 2 x 3HP pumps plus an air booster pump, and liquid aromatherapy.

The 5 person, double lounger hot tub model is a 92" square spa shell that is available in 2 configurations: the Estate Deluxe E950 features 50 massage jets and 2 spa pumps. The Manor Luxury version M970 has 70 hydrotherapy jets including 2 neck therapy jets, a Tsunami jet, 2 pumps plus an air boost assist pump and liquid aromatherapy.

polynesian spasPolynesian Spa Models
The value priced Polynesian Spa series features 2 models, each available in 2 configurations: The Kona model can be used indoors or outdoors as its 78" diameter and 35" high height allows it to pass through 36" or wider doors. This multi level bench style hot tub sits up to 5 persons, has 23 jets and 1 pump. The Kona SE version has 15 jets and is 31 inches tall, allowing it to pass through most doors. The Aloha spa model has 25 jets, 1 pump and seats up to 5 persons in a 78" square shell that is 35" high. The Aloha SE hot tub has 15 jets and is a shorter 31" height to fit through most doors for indoor or outdoor use.

persona series spasPersona Series Spas
The Persona Spa line offers comfort at an attractive price with features similar to the Great Lakes spa line, including energy efficient insulation, durable wood-look cabinets and adjustable massage jets. There are 6 spas in the Persona Series: The GL3 spa offers a lounger and bucket seats for up to 4 persons, with 1 pump, 17 stainless steel jets and a rectangular 78" x 60" shell. The GL35 hot tub is a uniquely shaped tub, with a bucket seat and lounger, 1 pump, 19 jets and room for up to 3 persons in a 78" x 63" shell.

The Sunlighter is a round, multi level bench within a spa shell that is 79" in diameter, with 1 pump, 23 jets and room for up to 5 persons. The GL4 hot tub is 78" x 68" with 21 jets, 1 pump, an underwater light and a single level bench with seating for up to 5 persons.   The GL5 is a 78" square shell hot tub with 2 pumps, 32 hydro therapy jets, a lounger and room for up to 5 persons. The GL6 is also a 78" square spa, but with no lounger, room for up to 6 persons and contains 2 spa pumps, 32 massage jets, bucket seats and a multi level bench.

green lake spas hottubsGreat Lakes Spa Models
The Great Lakes Spa Series features models very similar to the ones in the Persona Line (GL3, LG35, Gl5, GL5, GL6, and the Sunlighter) as well as the following models:

The Excel Sunlighter has all the standard features of the Sunlighter, but also comes with an ozone system, stainless steel jets and a superior Super-Therm spa cover.

The Excel GL3 hot tub is a premium version of the GL3, with the same features as well as an ozone system, stainless steel jets, a premium spa cover and cabinet, and a light package. The GL35 hot tub is available as an Excel GL35, having the same size and features as well as an ozone system, waterfall jet, stainless steel jets, superior spa cover, premium cabinet and Soft-Glo light package. These upgrades also come with the Excel GL4, Excel GL5 and Excel GL6.  

emerald spa parts saleThe Great Lakes spa series also features a GL7 hot tub, which is 90" x 79", with dual 3 HP spa pumps, 48 hydrotherapy jets and room for up to 7 persons in the lounger, multi-level bench and bucket seats.

The Excel GL7 premium edition hot tub features all of the standard features plus an upgraded cabinet, premium spa cover, stainless steel jets, waterfall jet, ozone system and light package.

The GL8 spa is 90" square with multi level bench seating, bucket seats and lounger that fits up to 8 persons.

This Great Lakes spa has 2 pumps and 60 jets. The upgraded, premium Excel GL8 version also has a light package, stainless steel jets, waterfall jet, ozone system, NaturAll spa cabinet plus a Super-Therm spa cover.

See our Emerald Spa Parts

If you need Emerald Spa Manuals, you can find them here.


question answer hottubContact us at if you need assistance in finding the right spa part or accessory for your Emerald Spa hot tub - send details/part number/even a picture along with your request if you like. We know you'll want to get back to enjoying your Emerald Spas hot tub, so we'll get back to you quickly.

Hot Tub Outpost is an authorized independent spa parts dealer and is not owned by Emerald Spas.


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