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Spa Breeze Chemicals

Spa Breeze chemical display at Hot Tub Outpost.Spa Breeze Hot Tub Chemicals Rebranded as SwimNSpa.

Spa Breeze hot tub chemicals now available with the SwimNSpa logo help keep your spa water crystal clear and safe.  See the M-W-F program for some of the best ways to maintain your spa water quality.

Main  hot tub chemicals:

Brom 61 Bromine Tablets - Bromine Tablets

Chlor 62 - Granular Chlorine for Hot Tubs

First Step - Add 1 Bottle when Refilling Tub

Protect - Weekly Stain and Scale Protection

Sparkle Clarifier - Water Clarifier

Refresh - Weekly Shock Treatment

Ph Up  - Increases pH level

Ph Down  - Decreases pH level

Specialty Spa Chemicals include:

Foam Away - Foam Reducer

Scum Away - Gets rid of varmints, or scum line

Filter Bright Soak - Overnight filter deep clean

Filter Bright Spray - Filter pleat cleaning spray

Multi-Surface Care - Cleaning supply for empty tub

Brom-Start - Establishes Bromine reserve on tub refill in Spa Choice brand

Alkalinity Plus - Raises alkallinity

Hardness Plus - Increases calcium hardness


Spa Breeze chemicals at Hot Tub Outpost

 SPA BREEZE CHEMICALS are now rebranded as SWIMNSPA Chemicals

The Spa Breeze line of hot tub chemicals has been updated to be SwimNSpa and is a complete line of water care products for your spa.  Click on the links above to find the individual products you need.  Spa chemicals are in stock and ship fast.  Mix and match to get above the free shipping threshold or add a replacement filter if you need one.

PH is very important.  Maintain pH with either pH Up or pH Down and keep between 7.2-7.6.

Sparkle for Pool and SpaMore about Sparkle Clarifier:

Sparkle Clarifier works in all types of hot tubs, fountains and other bodies of water that require maintenance. 

Have a swimming pool? We have a separate line of water care products for pools called Swimeeze and offer Sparkle Plus for pools too.


This product coagulates  tiny particles and oily liquids that build up in your water so your filter can remove them.


Like millions of microscopic magnets, Sparkle Clarifier gathers stain causing metals like iron, copper, zinc, and manganese and deposits them in your filter where they stay until you flush them out.


Sparkle Clarifier takes the water-dulling soaps and oils out of your water but will not deposit them on surfaces or clog your filter as other brands do.


Sparkle Clarifier not only traps unwanted particles in the filter but does not cause the filter to clog. It does this by holding the impurities on the filter media and not in the spaces that your water passes through. Thus your filter can actually run longer between cleanings.


Add directly to spa/hot tub at rate of 1 oz. to 500 gallons of water once a week . Run filter pump to circulate water.

See the individual descriptions for all of the Spa Breeze chemicals for details on each water care product. 

See all of the Chemicals in the Hot Tub Outpost online store.

Keep hot tub maintenance easy with the Monday - Wednesday - Friday program.

Spa Breeze hot tub chemicals by QCA Spas and Hot Tub Outpost

Reduce Chemical Usage by using Spa Minerals and Mineral Sticks.