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Minerals, Enzymes and Frogs – How They Help Keep Your Spa Water Clean!

spa mineral sticksThe benefits of using minerals in your spa means fewer harsh chemicals in the water you soak in. Using mineral solutions, enzymes and other natural treatments can make your water softer, cleaner and clearer.

However, you will still need to use bromine or chlorine as a sanitizer. You will need less sanitizer, but minerals cannot kill enough bacteria on their own.

Some people think salt systems are the way to go. However, chlorine levels are more difficult to maintain with salt systems. Saltwater systems convert salt into chlorine – similar to what you buy in bottles or buckets. Salt water chlorinators are also expensive and require more maintenance.  

Alternatively, mineral sanitation systems turns your spa water into mineral water – making it easier on skin, bathing suits and hot tub equipment. There are also no corrosive issues with mineral systems as there are with salt systems.

Natural Water Treatment Options

spafrog inline systemsSpa Frog System

One of the most popular mineral systems is the Spa Frog in-line system. In-line means that the system was built into the hot tub by the spa manufacturer. For this easy to use option, you simply change the mineral and bromine cartridges when they run out.  Mineral cartridges are easy to replace.

They are pre-measured and pre-made, so you do not need to handle chemicals. The mineral cartridge only needs to be changed approximately 3 times per year. The bromine cartridge generally lasts about 3 weeks, depending on the size of the hot tub and the spa usage.

Spa Frog Floating Bromine Mineral System

spa floatersThe Spa Frog bromine and mineral floater is easy to use and is designed for spas that do not have the in-line system already built in. The Spa Frog Cartridge Kit contains a blue mineral cartridge that will last for 3- 4 months. It also contains 3 yellow bromine cartridges, which generally last about a month each. The floating holder holds one cartridge each of bromine and minerals.

The unit simply floats in the hot tub water when the spa is not in use. It is easy to buy and replace cartridges. You simply adjust the setting (according to directions) and snap the replacement cartridge into the green floating holder.

frogsticksFrog Sticks

If you don’t have an in-line system built into your spa, but you still want the advantages of the Spa Frog mineral purifiers, then you can buy a Frog Stick. The Spa Frog mineral stick can simply be added to your spa’s filter compartment or cartridge. The stick also lasts up to 4 months.

Spa Frog Test Strips

We recommend you purchase the Spa Frog test strips when you are using the mineral water purifiers. They test for both bromine and chlorine and help you adjust the sanitizer to use along with the Frog minerals. They also test for water pH and total Alkalinity levels. These test strips are on sale right here at Hot Tub Outpost.

See our Frog mineral products here.

nature 2 mineral sticksNature 2 Hot Tub Mineral Stick

The Nature 2 mineral stick works with your existing filter and helps you reduce the amount of chlorine or bromine that you need. This product can be used with an ozonator. The product is eco-friendly and EPA approved. It is easy to use – just set and forget! Nature 2 Spa mineral sticks will help keep your spa water free from harmful bacteria for up to 4 months

leisure time mineral sticksLeisure Time Mineral Purifier Stick

Leisure Time also manufactures a mineral purifier stick that can be used in your hot tub. This stick simply goes into your hot tub’s filter cartridge or skimmer and lasts up to 4 months. It can be used with either bromine or chlorine and is compatible with ozone generators and non-chlorine shock treatments. The Leisure Time mineral stick helps you reduce the amount of sanitizer needed to keep your spa water safe by preventing bacteria and algae growth.

Other Mineral Products

frog minerals cartridgesYou can buy replacement cartridges for your spa’s inline purification system at Hot Tub Outpost. We offer the Frog Bromine cartridges in a 200g size, which is bigger than the standard 150g size you will find elsewhere. These bromine cartridges work together with the Frog Mineral cartridge in the in-line Frog systems found in select model hot tubs.

We have great pricing on the Mineral cartridges for the in-line Frog feeder systems that are installed in Emerald and other hot tub brands. We also carry the SunPurity Mineral Spa Sanitizer for Sundance Spas and the Eco Pur Microban filters used in many Master Spa hot tub models.

Hot Tub Outpost carries all of these natural water purification solutions as well as spa chemicals from Leisure Time and Spa Breeze.

One More Tip:

Purge the gunk from your hot tub plumbing at least annually to remove unseen, accumulated biofilm from hoses and pipes underneath the spa cabinet.  Check out Ahh-Some!